Who says rings should be made of gold?

Definitely not Jake, that’s for sure.  Last week was the final week of Efix’s Australian tour, and for one of his final pieces of the trip he cut these circles into Jake’s hand.

Jake’s no stranger to intense scarification, and while I’m told hand scars hurt like hell, this is what Jake has to say to the pain:

The scarification gallery has a few more photos of the scar, including a couple of procedural shots.

11 thoughts on “Who says rings should be made of gold?

  1. Day two.. and its all good… ive been antibacterial soaping it and antiseptic creaming it… wearing a medical glove as to not make a mess everywhere i go!

    This cutting WAS painfull, day one, certainly was shithouse! my fingers and knuckles that were peeled giving me all sorts of grief!

    But hey – freaking tops scar! Efix is the dude!!

  2. God I love this so freaking much. One of my personal favorite scar pieces I’ve seen in a long time but I’m a sucker for geometrics.

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