The Friday Follow-up

Last week in the Follow-up I asked you to send in pictures of scars that are several years old, and boy did you deliver.  While seeing a scar after 6 months or a year can give a good indication as to what the scar will look like, a photo of a scar that is 3-4 years old can give you a definitive look at how a scar can heal up over time.  This week’s scar comes from IAM member EvanxBurkeWay back in 2007 Evan’s scar made it to ModBlog when it was still fresh from the 5 hour cutting by Wes from Electric Chair in Riverside, CA.

So, here it is, 4 years ago shortly after it was cut.

Keep reading to see how it looks today.

Four long years later, the scar is still very visible and slightly raised.

Now Evan’s scar wasn’t the only older scar sent in over the past week.  Be sure to head over to the scarification galleries to see what else has been submitted.

11 thoughts on “The Friday Follow-up

  1. Wow. That’s held up well. Looks like he’s gained some tattoos over the years as well.

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