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So here’s the post a number of you have been waiting for.  In what I believe is a ModBlog first, Samppa has sent in photos of a complete navel nullification.  With posts like this I normally show you the before and after shots, but with the image of the procedure being so large it’ll be behind a click though so it doesn’t clog up the main page.

To start with, here is the end result, 3 weeks after the procedure.

Obviously healing isn’t complete, but it gives you a good idea of what it’ll look like.  To see how this was done, just keep on reading.

Samppa is still on his US tour, so if you’re interested in this procedure or any of the other many thing’s he’s capable of, check out his website.  He also has a BME portfolio gallery that’s filled with all sorts of other modifications.

23 thoughts on “Navel Nullo

  1. Guys, know that creepy weird slightly painful feeling you get if something hits inside your belly button? Imagine that feeling while you’re being cut and sewn. I’d die.

    I hope this shows up in a follow-up friday, I’m very curious as to what the final result is.

  2. Emilio Gonzalez did this a couple of years ago. I think his results are better. Don’t know if it’s a different technique.

  3. super crazy… wish the procedure pics were in a better order, but definately awesome! you don’t have to worry about anyone trying to finger fuck your belly button ever again! lol
    I have a friend who doesn’t have a belly button… she say’s she wasn’t born with one but that makes no sense to me..
    i would also like to see a follow up of this fully healed 🙂

  4. Interesting.

    I don’t think I’d ever get it done myself– imagine getting pregnant and having to deal with it stretching out!, but I’m definitely curious to see how it heals.

    Pleeease do a friday follow-up!!

  5. my dirty friend had there bellybutton removed because it kept getting infected . it was super gross and he always had a wet spot on his shirt from pus . after it was surgery removed he was much happier – but not much cleaner .

    i dont think clones would have bellybuttons , because they dont have umbilical cords ?

  6. shanwich: thats disgusting, what circumstances kept repeating that his navel was that infected so often?

  7. If i ever get enough money to do a lipo and bodylift i will probably do a bellybutton nullification aswell. Mostly this is a money thing since navelreconstruction is difficult to do well even for a talented surgeon.

    But fisrt iam gonna diet again havent been looking after my eating habits the last year so i gained back about 7-10 kilos of the 30 i lost last time.

  8. @brute – he was a very very filthy person . i saw extremely homeless drunks that were cleaner then my friend . he was also overweight,and always sweating .

  9. hmmm. finally changing one scar with another scar. Quite a lot of effort for not that much changeing result… Would need further work, to really change appearance (the intense scar “navel” to “nothing”.

  10. @ BamCe Ingesson: I thought of the same thing. I was considering having a body lift/excess skin surgically removed when I had lost a lot of weight (i’m fat again So I’ve got to worry about losing again before even thinking about surgery) anot considered NOT having a new belly button constructed. I don’t see point in keeping a fake navel after all that surgery.

  11. maybe it’s just me, but i’d consider this plastic surgery and i really believe he should have had this done by a surgeon. tongue splits, amputations, and implants as well, in my opinion; they’re just very dangerous procedures and a ton of problems could arise. i really wish the medical community was more open to these things (although i bet you could find a plastic surgeon who will do all 4 aforementioned modifications) and at the very least be willing to give classes to be able to certify piercers to do these procedures, if not just have medical professionals do them. i feel as this is the unpopular opinion in the modification world… /:

  12. Samppa contributes more and more new interesting things.. that’s cool! 🙂

  13. Beryl – If the medical community took over such things it would be priced out of many peoples reaches just like a lot of medicine is now. Doctors are people with knowledge and experience and they make mistakes too at times – many would not have much interest in doing such procedures anyhow and if there is little interest in the procedure then few will take the effort to leanr the right way anyhow. Leave things like this to people who have a passion and talent for it instead and there may be less issues.

  14. I work in surgery and recently i watched a body lift where so much excess skin, fat+tissue were removed that the whole belly button went with it. afterwards the tummy is completely flat and navel-less because the scar is muxch lower down.
    it looks weird and really really awesome….

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