Alone in the dark

Every time we see photos from The Sinner Team, there’s always a smiling dread-locked man somewhere in the background.  Well that man is Stanislav, the leader of the team, and guinea pig for some of their riskiest suspensions (like the free-fall suspension we saw a few months ago).

Today he’s somewhere in Russia, deep underground, setting up the rigging for what could possibly be a sensory deprivation suspension.  Hopefully we’ll see some photos of the suspension itself, but for now, here’s the handsome devil himself, in all his night-vision glory.

On a somewhat related note, Allen over at recently updated the suspension crew listings trimming out any broken links.  So if you’re looking for a crew in your area, be sure to check it out.

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5 thoughts on “Alone in the dark

  1. I just watched that free-fall suspension video. It’s amazing. All I can say is that its fortunate that skin contains a lot of keratin. :)

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  3. I think Stanislav might be the cutest guy I have ever seen. His wife is a lucky girl. Plus he and the Sinner team do some amazing ground breaking things with suspensions. I hope to check a suspension off my bucket list someday in the near future.

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