Feel the magic, hear the roar!

Thunder..  Thunder..  Thunder..  ThunderCats HOOOO!!!!!

To call ThundaKat79 a fan of the ThunderCats is a bit of an understatement.  With both her chest and back dedicated to the heroes of Third Earth, its safe to say that she loved one Saturday morning cartoon more than the others.  Just a quick note, her chest isn’t complete yet, so hopefully we’ll get a look at it again when it is finished.

17 thoughts on “Feel the magic, hear the roar!

  1. What…why? Why even feature this? They look terrible, not to mention the chest one looks uncomfortably scarred?

  2. @Kayla: Because it’s Thunder Cats? I dunno.

    I wish the pic quality was better… I’m not sure if that’d make the tattoo look better or worse, though… O.o

  3. @Kayla: The chest isn’t scarred, it’s still fresh. Also, ThundaKat’s skin is pretty dark so her tattoos will look a lot different than if they were done on pale skin.

  4. I’m sorry, but come on. That’s nothing to do with her skin making them look bad. I thought modblog was better than this .. it’s not ratemyink.com for crying out loud.

  5. wow guys. really? tattoos do look different on darker skin than lighter skin. thats a truth that u might not know since there really are not that many dark skinned IAMer’s on this site. Also African American skin is hella sensitive, and heals differently ( easier to get keloids for instance) . thats also a truth. im not really down with the thunder cat homage, but to each is own, and i appreciate the dedication she probably had to go through for this! if anything, its too bad the pic quality is not so good. I bet her ink would look a bit different if they were.

  6. I actually don’t think this tattoo is any worse than a lot of tattoos featured on this site. Maybe if they were on a skinny girl with her her nipples showing…

    I think you would have to see this in person in real life or see the tattoos in a photo shoot with proper lighting for the colors and variations in shading that may be there to come through. Even professional photographers do a shitty job of photographing the tattoos on my skin. I have an almost identical shade of skin, but I’m almost completeley covered in gray and black work because it easier to create depth and contrast and sharper images. It looks like the tattoo artist tried to create depth through color like he would have on pale skin, and it doesn’t translate that well. But I haven’t met a tattoo artist who would do a color piece that large on me without at least trying to convince me to skip on the full color for more contrast. Anyway, I say get down with your bad self and your fuckin huge thundercats tattoo! Yeah! I like it. More importantly, she obviously likes it so why be negative about it. Go girl.

    And her chest doesn’t look scarred. The tattoo is just fresh. The raised part on the healed portion could even be caused by the fresh tattoo, happens to me all the time. Or, heat or cold or allergies. This all just seems obvious to me.

  7. I am all for people giving their opinions. I am more than aware that everyone does not share the same likes and views. They are not the best quality photos[they are iPhone photos] and I had no idea they would end up on ModBlog[I did not submit them] that being said, do you have to be SO harsh? No, I am not scarred, the chest photo was taken about 45 minutes after the tattoo was done. I always thought this was a place where I could be myself in totality, perhaps I was mistaken.

  8. yeah to be honest after seeing some of these comments it made me wonder if this community was for real? The girl in the post before thundkats– with the anchor microdermal-her ink looks kind of wierd ( its prob just the photo qaulity) but no one said anything!!!! i would like to think that this community is wide open for everyone to feel welcome about their modifications, and maybe give constructive crticism that is helpful instead of just dismissing someone who is obviously dedicated to their mods. My IAM page is down right now b/c i took down my photos, but was going to set it up again this week. After seeing some of the snarkiness tho, now im not so sure. Go thunda. to each is own.

  9. All sorts of people have all sorts of ink history! Even the most seasoned of us bme’ers who know better and have seen better may have a bit of ink here or there that may not be the best quality. Quality is only a portion of intention. Go thundakat! Rock it!

    I will quietly continue to miss shannon, and his insight, wit and vision, however.

  10. If the wearer of this tattoo likes it, and is happy with it, thats all that counts.

    Regardless of the wearer’s skin colour, artistically it is poor, and that’s half the problem with ModBlog these days. The work shown tends to be remarkable more for the content of the piece (ooh, look, it’s a thundercats piece) or for the fact the wearer has forgotten to get dressed, rather than for the quality of the work itself.

    I’d rather see a picture of a picture of a high quality tattoo, even if the tattoo is just of a simple rose or portrait of someone’s mum, than a full scale back piece of dubious skill and composition. ModBlog is a resource not just for the long term mod community but for the newcomers, and it’d be a crying shame if they saw this piece and though this was the epitome of tattooing.

  11. well can someone give a breakdown as to why this ink is so bad? is it the shading, is it the line? what is it? i think instead of just hinting to it’s supposed dubiousness, someone should break it down for those who may not know.

  12. @mmmx3 the linework is a tad janky( uneven, not completely symmetrical if you look close) + some of the shading is dubious evn in a bad photo. great tattoos have better depth, cleaner lines. its not about her skin color, tho it is correct that darker skin is more sensitive, which is why her skin is raised tho, also looks like the tattooer went in a bit too deep.i have brown skin too, loads of tattoos and that has only happened to me when ive gone to inexperienced tattooers. but just start digging around the internet for tattoos w/insane line work and you”ll understand. folks like thomas hooper, jondix, virginia elwood,robert ryan, roxx, miya bailey, andre atak, marcus kuhn, valerie vargas, duncan x and you”ll see…..but as long as shes happy thts all tht counts really! thundakat do you!!! i support that! opinions are like arseholes and etc!

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