Anchors Aweigh

Considering an anchor is a big weight meant to hold a ship in place, it makes you wonder if the 80 microdermals in this anchor hold her down at all?  Oh, that’s not a typo, I counted, and there are indeed 80 in place.

This project was put together by Bart Bastiaanse from Tribal Trading bv in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

I guess this puts new meaning to the term “surface anchor”

18 thoughts on “Anchors Aweigh

  1. looks fucking awesome! if she loses any the combination of scars and studs will look cool anyway.. would like to see follow ups if that happens

  2. nice, must suck while healing and general movement, feel sorry for the piercer lol brain must have been fried by the end of that

  3. It’s stunning, but over time that is going to be the most uncomfortable thing ever.

  4. She’s got them for a few months now (we did the piece end of january 2011) and apart from some minor maintenance that was to be expected, it healed really well. First week she reported a lot of itching, and being carefull moving, sitting and sleeping. But after that there were no difficulties.

  5. Does anyone know her name?? I think I was on the same bus as her in long beach, admiring her from a far.

  6. “minor maintenance that was to be expected”, what does that really mean? Re-insertion of anchors that were snagged and partially displaced? Re-inserion of same?

  7. did this guy claim that they were done in january and that they are already healed?? i did two microdermal projects like this about 3 years ago, didn’t consider them to be healed until at least a year later. both of them are still in to this day. i was dumb to do them because of the chances of them all healing is pretty slim, but i got lucky and they were both on close friends. wouldn’t do it again.

  8. looks amazing! :))
    but… absolutely inconvinient for a person who will wear it.

  9. Se ve esteticamente hermoso, pero no creo que sea comodo ya que el area es de movimiento, quisiera ver como esta de aqui a un año. Saludos.

  10. Indeed, they are still healing. I’m sorry, english isn’t my first language. What i meant is that its not red or irritated or swollen.
    But healing is going good, we replaced some dermals that got partially ripped out by daily activities, but that weren’t many. Some really irritated, so we took m out and re-did them.
    I guess that in total less then 10 needed extra care like that after placement.

  11. Ooh I’ve never seen coloured microdermals before! Beautiful!

    That does looks like an area that will get a lot of tension though!

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