A BMEGirl with a side of corset

I’m pretty sure you can’t order this at a drive through.

This fantastic 60 point corset was done by Brailey from Fat Zombie Tattoo and Body Piercing in Phoenix, AZ.

If this corset is considered a normal size side corset, then wait until you check out the super-sized side corset after the clickthrough.

I don’t believe that Braiely used the same model for the corsets as this 80 point corset follows a different path down the side.

17 thoughts on “A BMEGirl with a side of corset

  1. It looks like it was the same model if you look closely you can see the marks that the other piercings left in bottom picture. very nice work loving the threading

  2. I agree with Adhara, WOW.

    Thanks for making me drool all over my keyboard, Rob. I needed to replace it ANYways, but this just takes the cake ;)

  3. *quick search on deviantART* I knew I had seen these before! Her other stuff is stunning too. Some really different weaving patterns (I guess what you’d call them). There are different models too. :)

  4. you can hardly call her a BMEgirl when she has no visable tattoos or piercings, besides the temporary corset.

  5. Yeah, I agree with Rich… no, wait, I don’t. I never get tired of seeing absolutely gorgeous people on ModBlog. It’s like television or the movie screen, I don’t turn it on to be confronted by ugly people. If I wanted to see ugly, I’d go to the mall and look around. When I partake of the media, I want to be bombarded with hot, sexy people. I’m secure enough that I’m not going to start cutting myself and writing bad poetry. More hotties!

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