This was a triumph

“Area and state regulations do not allow the Companion Cube to remain here, alone and companionless.” – GLaDOS

Love is getting your wife’s name tattooed next to a weighted companion cube.  Just don’t drop her in an incinerator.

Tattoo by Joshua Ross from Mind’s Eye Tattoo in Emmaus, PA.

16 thoughts on “This was a triumph

  1. The Enrichment Center would like to remind you that the weighted companion cube will never threaten to stab you, and in fact, cannot speak.

  2. It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction.

    Maybe his overstates mine. That is awesome.

  3. Due to mandatory scheduled maintenance, the nipple is currently unavailable. The Enrichment Center apologizes and wishes you the best of luck.

  4. #4 – He actually lost a lot of weight and his nipples dropped… they’re just cropped out of the pic.

  5. Well it does look like a faint scar.
    Cmon people, nipple removals aren’t that uncommon.
    Ok they are pretty uncommon but it’s been featured on here before.

  6. The three portal addicts in my house (hubby and the boys) will greatly appreciate this.
    They will probably want cake afterwards as well…

  7. i hate to see good tattoos ruined by horrible lettering. it looks like a pro did the cube, and a hack stepped in for the banner section

  8. The nipple thing is a little unnerving, however, I do like the tattoo…cakes and lies and what not

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