Why don’t you have a seat

Dipping into the BME Hard galleries I discovered an ingenious device put together by one of our members.  BME Hard members have the option to create their own galleries, and share with other Hard members their modifications and activities.  Scorpio has been submitting images to his galleries for over 8 years, and is continually coming up with new ways to play.  This chair is just the latest in a series of contraptions that he has built himself.

As you’ve probably figured out by now, the rest of this post will be behind a clickthrough.

Now it’s hard to tell from just these two photos, but the chair has a number of features. On top is a plug, and a gap for the scrotum to be lowered below the seat which then attach to a lever where it can be stretched.

The plank on the front is designed for his penis to be clamped down, as well as additional play.

In this particular session, he’s stretched his foreskin over a metal pipe.  The clamps and wires that are visible are from a tens unit which is supplying electrical stimulation.

This is only a small sampling of this particular session.  BME Hard members can check out the entire series in Scorpio’s BME gallery, as well as all the other member galleries.  If you’re interested in hard play, or just hard modifications in general, then a BME Hard subscription is the right choice for you.

While the Hard membership is a paid membership, you can still have access to the rest of the galleries with a free subscription.  In addition to being able to browse the galleries, you’re also able to submit photos, videos, and stories, which can upgrade your subscription based on what you submit.  More information on this can be found in the BME FAQ.

20 thoughts on “Why don’t you have a seat

  1. i feel like if thats the kind of sex stuff i was into, i’d be more pleasant in real life.. like if a customer is rude to me or a person i’m crushing on turns out to not feel the same about me, that’s cool, i’m just gonna go sit on thundercone, stretch my dick and balls out, and watch some tv… tomorrow will bring whatever, but tonight, it’s u and me, thundercone.. does that make sense?

  2. now seriously…why in the hell cant i meet a guy like that?!?!

    I get the boring vanilla ones who think if i stick a finger in their ass it makes them gay. Fuck my sex life!!

  3. @Lily: I know what you mean. You’d think in a city like mine, there would be more girls into harder stuff. Nope.

  4. This was interesting to try to figure out before clicking through. Equally as interesting after.

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