Decapitated Monroe Scarification

Another characteristically precise scarification by Brian Decker ( — an image that I’ve seen tattooed regularly but never scarred — a Decapitated Monroe, done on KC Jones at Inkaholics Anonymous. I should mention that Brian will be one of many brilliant artists at the International Scarification Convention in London, England in May if you want to make an appointment, and below the scar are a few of Brian’s US tour dates — Perkasie, Des Moines, and Dallas — showing a collection of his implant work, many of which you’ve seen here in the past. Contact PBA by email at [email protected] to make an appointment.



Make it bleed!

Remember when I said I thought maybe I was posting too many scarification photos? Yeah, remind me to delete that entry, and while you’re at it, remind me to rename my testicles “Ryan” and “Ouellette”. Then maybe people will think that my wonderful balls traveled to Linkoping, Sweden and did this wonderful Jean Luc Picard as Locutus of Borg skin removal scarification on Elin’s back. Fortunately for Elin though, it was the real Ryan Ouellette, of New Hampshire’s Precision Body Arts ( who created this gorgeous piece of Star Trek superfandom over six hours of assimilation with his blade (and a little help from Nick Kelley who did the initial artwork design). Beautiful work as always — and I have to wonder if in the distant future, when this piece has faded as all scars must, if it might be an idea piece to give a second life to with a bit of tattooing?

I feel a great disturbance in the force

It could possibly have something to do with this incredible scarification portrait of Princess Leia done by Chris Saint from Artifact Tattoo in Santa Clarita, CA.

I don’t recognize this particular portrait so it’s either an original take on Leia, or from some other media (comics, etc).  In any case, it’s pretty clear who it is, and she is not happy.

Even When I Lie

Hot on the heels of this outstanding flesh-removal piece from earlier in the week, we turn the spotlight once again to Jimmy Xayyabanha at Straight A Tattoos in Asheboro, North Carolina, who, apparently, is just killing it right now. I apologize if this is a recognizable profile on whose identity I’m blanking, but either way, this is one of the finer pieces of scarification portraiture we’ve seen in a while.

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Everything is Untrue

I’ll confess that I was never much for Amen—more of a smooth jazz guy, personally—but it’s hard to argue with Maki‘s skin-removal scarification piece of the band’s frontman, Casey Chaos. It’s two months into the healing process here, so let’s hope it stays so well defined.

(Cutting by Samppa from Mad Max Tattoo.)

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Frozen on the Boundaries

Admittedly, I’m woefully out of touch with cyberpunk anything, so pardon me if I’m missing a reference here and just projecting my own experiences, but is this not a dead ringer for Samppa? I mean, it is Samppa, isn’t it? The photo comes to us from Goldust and was taken at the Moscow Tattoo and Bodyart Festival this year, so hopefully we’ll get some much-needed clarification here. Whether it’s him or some other grilled-up cyborg, though, it’s damn fine work.

And, after the jump, and not-so-ambiguous tribute to another artist who is no stranger to seeing his likeness engraved in others.

This cutting of Emilio is by Martin Page, who was also responsible for the implants in this 3D portrait of Emilio from a little while back. (No relation, of course, to this glorious monument.)

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The Earth Beneath

It should come as no surprise that Steve, John and Wayde are the suppliers of (and inspirations for) these most graven of images. On Easter Monday, no less!

Says Steve:

Mr. Wayde Dunn-Dee himself did this amazing scar portrait on a friend of ours. We were hoping to find a fourth person she would agree to add on so he could do a Mt. Rushmore of Awesomeness, but sadly that didn’t work out.

I have to be honest—I’m a little surprised she went this far in the first place. That said though, we haven’t seen a ton of scarification portraits yet, but…these are pretty well executed. More photos, after the jump.