The Secret Handshake

It’s been a couple weeks since the 2011 Dallas SusCon, and the photos are starting to trickle in.  Mark from Naked Lens Photography was on hand all weekend documenting every suspension.  But before any of the suspensions started a small business matter needed to be conducted.  Allen and the owner of the building needed to perform the secret handshake for the event to get under way.

What is the secret handshake you ask?

You might recognize the man with the massive transscrotal as Andrew from Swing Shift Side Show.  Later in the week he would go on to do the incredible facial suspension.

I know someone told me the exact size of his transscrotal on the weekend, but I can’t seem to recall it right now, so lets just leave it as, it’s freaking huge.

13 thoughts on “The Secret Handshake

  1. I am insanely jealous of that. But I have to say, I’m curious how it feels in his pants. I’m at 2 inches right now myself and it is very noticeable between my legs.

  2. The guy on the left has a look on his face that sort of says:

    “God, I hope this picture doesn’t end up on the internet”


  3. @ Pharmacist: Are you certain? The button I’m seeing for the forum on Pauly’s page looks like it has barely enough space for one arm to fit through, Andrew’s above looks like they easily fit both arms.

  4. Are his testicles still in-tact? Just curious. Also, how the hell can you walk with that in your pants??

  5. I love the guy on the rights expression…hes just staring down at Andrew’s balls with a look of lust :P ok maybe not just but still lol

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