Dallas SusCon 2013 – Stelarc performance LIVE

Tonight at 10:30 CST log on to http://bodysuspension.org/ to view a live suspension performance by Stelarc!


Stelarc has been featured on ModBlog before, most notably in the 2004 video interview he did with Shannon.

Don’t miss out on a chance to watch this event!  As mentioned above it will begin streaming LIVE on bodysuspension.org starting at 10:30 CST (11:30 EST).

Flying over the water

Andrea Azzolini took these beautiful pictures at the 8th Italian Suscon of Marita suspending over the water from the tripod (previously). I should note that I edited the suspension gear out of the picture, but I assume that’s obvious. Andrea writes (translate into English),

Sono arrivato cosi Lontano dal Mondo, che sperare di trovare Qualcuno che mi Comprenda è diventato un Illusione.

e le mie Illusioni sono i miei Sogni.

Vedo Cosi Tanta Bellezza e cosi tanta Tristezza, vedo Persone che Non Sanno Nemmeno chi Sono in Realtà, Nessuno che tenta di Raggiungersi, ci si fa Bastare l’Apparenza e ci ferma alla Superficie delle cose.

Per chi è Diverso, Rimanere Solo è Inevitabile.
Un Destino da Spettatore,
sempre Sospeso,
tra i più Bui e Confortevoli Abissi e le Più Fredde e Lucenti Volte Celesti.

Click the pictures to see them uncropped.



Do a barrel roll!

Alright, maybe not a barrel roll, but how about a backflip?

Emily‘s SusCon suspension was definitely one to remember.  While there weren’t a lot of photos taken (there was a lot going on at the time) her backflip suspension was one of the more technically challenging suspensions of the weekend.  This photo was taken right at the beginning of the suspension, with her hanging by her elbows and knees.  Rick from AGRO is supervising, as the backflip was about to start.

From this position her elbow hooks were cut free, dropping her into a knee suspension.    After hanging there for a few minutes, the rigging was quickly changed, and she was swung backwards so that the hooks in her back could be attached to the rigging plate.  Once she was hanging face down, her knees were cut, dropping her into a 2 point suicide, where she hung for the rest of her time in the air.

Since I last posted about the Dallas SusCon a number of other photos have been added to the gallery, so go on over and check them out.

The Secret Handshake

It’s been a couple weeks since the 2011 Dallas SusCon, and the photos are starting to trickle in.  Mark from Naked Lens Photography was on hand all weekend documenting every suspension.  But before any of the suspensions started a small business matter needed to be conducted.  Allen and the owner of the building needed to perform the secret handshake for the event to get under way.

What is the secret handshake you ask?

You might recognize the man with the massive transscrotal as Andrew from Swing Shift Side Show.  Later in the week he would go on to do the incredible facial suspension.

I know someone told me the exact size of his transscrotal on the weekend, but I can’t seem to recall it right now, so lets just leave it as, it’s freaking huge.

Dallas Suscon 2011 – Day 1/2

I’m spending the weekend in Dallas for this year’s annual SusCon.  For those that don’t know, SusCon is an annual event hosted by Suspension.org‘s Allen Falkner.  The point of the weekend is for suspension crews from all over to come together to learn from each other, and of course have a good time.  This weekend is very much a learning weekend as crews bring not only their most experienced members, but also new members who are learning the ropes.

This ended up being a bit wordy, so I’ll save some space on the main page by bumping it behind a click though. So just click the read more button to see the rest.

After an early flight out of Buffalo on Thursday, and a short layover in Atlanta, myself and members of iHung and IWasCured landed in Dallas only to be greeted by grey skies and rain.  Once we got settled into the hotel, we hopped in a cab and headed down to the SusCon space. This year’s location is the same as last year’s; an unassuming warehouse outside downtown Dallas.  To see it from the outside, you would never guess that inside was a bustle of activity.

Thursday isn’t officially a SusCon day, rather it is a day for volunteers to come and help clean and set up for the weekend.  With only 20 people around, the warehouse feels empty, yet the air is alive with anticipation.  Whether it was friends reuniting, or strangers meeting for the first time, there is an unspoken acknowledgment that something significant is on the horizon.  Introductions go by quick as it’s time for all hands on deck.  The space is a mess.  Trash from destroyed art is everywhere, light fixtures are on the ground, toilets have yet to be installed, and the kitchen is so full of junk the food is laying out on a bench in the main space.

Without anyone asking for help, everyone jumps into action.  As people slowly trickle in throughout the day the first order of business is to get dirty.  The kitchen team is hard at work prepping food for the weekend.  Last minute calls are being made to confirm deliveries.  Loud music is now pumping out of the speakers as this organized chaos moves about the room.  I get a chance to talk to people as we’re cleaning and with everyone the feeling is evident, they all want this weekend to be something they’re proud of.

In the early afternoon the skies begin to lighten and the dust being swept out into the courtyard catches the rays of sunshine peeking through the clouds.  With the sun comes the heat, and you can see everyone slowing down.  Thankfully with everyone helping, most of the work is finished.  The trash is cleared, the lights are on, and the toilets are flushing.  The music has become quiet and voices are now echoing throughout the hall.  You can hear the satisfaction in those voices, knowing that in a few short hours this place will be filled with people who all share the same passions that they do.

By the end of the first day there are well over 50 people who have shown up early to help.  From California to Canada, from Norway to New Zealand, one thing is on everyone’s mind: SusCon has begun.

I get up late on Friday, and after finishing the news of the week I head over to the warehouse.  By the time I arrive the event is in full swing.  I get my registration paperwork filled out and are lead on a tour by Jason from iHung.  While I was sleeping back at the hotel, the had taken the first shuttle bus over and set up all of the necessary stations.  What was once an empty room with no lights, was now the suture station, with all the necessary equipment and supplies.  All the suspension points had been selected, and there were already people in the air.  The tour concludes with a peek at the outdoor points, including a return of “The Dome”, a massive PVC pipe structure.

I’m not there for 15 minutes when the call goes out for the team leaders to gather for the first official meeting of SusCon.  Allen welcomes everyone, and dives right into business.  This meeting isn’t about telling the crews what to do, it is an opportunity for voices to be heard.  The agenda is simple, “How can we improve from last year”.  One by one the suggestions come flying in. One of the key points made is that this weekend is a learning weekend.  Each team has a number of members who are considered trainees, so all teams are being encouraged to step up and involve their trainees in every step, from prep to clean-up, piercing to bleed-out.

As Friday is registration day not much is left to do.  The only thing left on the agenda for the day is the welcome party at Dallas’ Lizard Lounge.

I’m kicking myself for not bringing my camera, as the show itself was something to be experienced.  Southtownbaby kicked off the show with a beautiful crucifixion suspension high above the crowd.  Following the suspension, Mosh took the stage.  The entire room was transfixed on her while she performed a classical burlesque routine.  Finally Swing Shift Side Show took the stage and as usual blew the roof off.  After a short intermission, everyone returned for a second performance, and were joined by Genne Laasko, modeling her line of incredible jewelry (which I featured a few weeks back).  Of course I would be remiss without mentioning the fantastic job Havve did hosting the night’s festivities.  Interweaving parts of his own act into the time between tonight’s guests made it a non-stop roller coaster of blood, sweat and whiskey.

Now you’re probably wondering where the photos are.  Well it seems that in my rush out the door I grabbed the wrong USB cord, so all of the photos from the past two days are sitting on my camera.  Hopefully I’ll find someone today who has a compatible cord as Saturday is the biggest day of SusCon. I’ll check back in tomorrow, hopefully with some pictures.