That Brian Guy

It seems that Brian Decker guy has been busy again.  Here’s his latest scar/brand piece.

It’s mostly a scar piece, but Brian finishes his work up with some branding which gives the scar a different texture, making it appear to be shaded.  You can see more of Brian’s work in his BME Portfolio Gallery.

9 thoughts on “That Brian Guy

  1. I’m under the impression this is all a scar piece.

    Unless brands don’t scar? lol.

  2. @Nervosa: Check in every Friday for the Friday Follow-up posts where I feature a healed scar. As for this one it’s a little difficult getting a healed photo of a scar that was done a couple of days ago.

  3. Decker is the man with his cautery/cutting combo’s, they look great healed!

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