A long, long time ago…

..in a land far, far away a friend of mine, known as “lord of the blade” sent me this picture of an itty bitty flesh removal key. It was the tiniest flesh removal detail he has ever attempted to pull off.  I held onto this picture in my chamber of secrets (my bme email box) for many, many moons (since last December) until it was just the right time to post. Now is that time.


The piece below it was also by Ryan, and was done five years prior. I can’t wait to see how the key looks in five years, and since I forgot about this picture in my email inbox for so long one of those years is almost over!

4 thoughts on “A long, long time ago…

  1. Beautiful concept and execution. Can’t wait to see healed shots … this is probably my favourite flesh removal I’ve ever seen. Makes me wish I was a lot tougher!

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