The 8th Plague

According to the Old Testament, Egypt was visited by 10 plagues, the 8th being a plague of locusts.  This just goes to show what a bad reputation locusts have had for thousands of years.  Well thanks to this young lady and tattoo artist Keegan Lam (IAM: *chineedred*), this locust shows that not all of them are horrible.

Keegan works out of Forever Yonge Ink in Toronto, and you can see more of this tattoo in the miscellaneous tattoo gallery.

4 thoughts on “The 8th Plague

  1. I want to be excited about this tattoo but all I think is “sigh. zid.” It is a very lovely tattoo.

  2. @Sabrina: I know exactly what you’re thinking. I was going to mention it, but because it isn’t the same design I didn’t want to take away from Keegan’s work.

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