Part man, Part machine, All hotness

It might be hard to believe based on this photo, but Efix is actually a pretty shy guy.  Which is why I expect a phone call in an hour or so from him asking me to take this down.  Sorry buddy, but someone of your hotness deserves to be adored by the masses.

This photo was taken at the last Sydney Tattoo Expo where Efix took second place for best biomechanical tattoo.  The man behind Efix’s incredible tattoos is Jay Marceau who works with Efix out of D-Markation in Quebec City.

21 thoughts on “Part man, Part machine, All hotness

  1. Well… I opened up my browser to this and I just stared for a moment…
    Is he single?

  2. Along with his tattoos being awesome, you can barely tell he has nipples. I like when chest tattoos aren’t interrupted by nipples.

  3. Serious hotness!
    Admittedly, big lugs are not my thing but that is some extremely beautiful & alluring artwork.
    Makes me want to dive in to Efix’s torso…

  4. I’m not a fan of bio mech, but wow, thats some awesome work. And wow, he’s certainly a handsome man!

  5. That link doesn’t appear to work. What’s the URL to a bigger version of this pic?

  6. I want him in, and around all of my holes!

    Love Efix. Great mod artist and covered in some of the most gorgeous ink!

  7. This guy has some of the most awesome tattoos I’ve ever seen.The colors are so clear !

  8. I agree with Kat and I am wondering why many artists refuse to tattoo nipples, including mine.

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