Guess What?

You know the drill.  I show you a cropped picture, you try to guess what it is.  So here goes..

I think this may be one of the more challenging ones I’ve posted, so good luck.  Once you’ve made your guess, keep on reading to see if you were right.

So this one was a bit of a trick image as it wasn’t of the final modification, but of the process involved.  Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the beginnings of a head split.

The uploader of these photos sent in an entire series detailing all the steps that he took for the initial cut in his head split.  Here’s a couple more photos to show you how things progressed.

BME Hard subscribers can see the rest of the photos in the Head Splitting gallery.  They include shots from multiple angles, as well as some blood.  And who doesn’t like a little blood with their genital mods.

17 thoughts on “Guess What?

  1. The pliers didn’t need to be hot, he used what we call the “clamp and cut method”. The clamp, or in this case the pliers are applied for a period of time to crush the tissue until it’s paper thin, then it is easily sliced. That method’s super common for meatos but not so much for the top half of the head split. I can not imagine how excruciatingly painful, this method on that tissue…especially with such crude instruments, that this must have been.

  2. Hehehehhehee… It looks like the plant from Little Shop of Horrors! Feed me, Seymour!

  3. Good god. I just cringed a little. I don’t see any inject spots in these pictures, but I hope for the sake of MY penis that he used something to dampen the pain, lol. Clamping the bottom tissue for a meato/sub is painful enough with out any anesthetics, I can not even begin to imagine how bad the top would feel.

    I’m curious to see how this heals up.

  4. i think the 2nd picture is a good description of what Sean was talking about. you can see how the tissue is just ready to be sliced apart.

    and i agree with Lucas too, never had either split, but can only imagine how bad clamping that much tissue, let alone how sensitive the glands are compared to the lower sub in this method.

  5. It is really neat seeing the grooves from the pliers on the thin tissue that is left.

  6. @Far the crushing stops the blood flow….only temporarily though. If you clamp, remove the clamps and cut it will be a near bloodless procedure. But very shortly thereafter the crushed tissue will start to expand back to normal and allow bleeding again. The upper glans tissue is very vascular, so I am sure it bled heavily shortly thereafter if their was no cautery or other blood control technique used.

  7. Crazy. I did my meato and started my sub like this and that was intense enough, can’t imagine clamping the glans.

  8. If your clamp is causing pain you are going way too fast, Hemostats, if applied slowly over 30-45 mins, will cause no pain as the pain cells require circulation, so as the circ is cut off with light pressure, so goes the pain, meato and subs are ez like this. A top cut like he says will expand back to the glans normal thickness unless its stitched around the squeezed area, and produce blood and pain, but, its all a fun game

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