Robots in Disguise

“Autobots wage their battle to destroy the evil forces of the Deceptions”

I really want to get excited about a new Transformers movie, yet I know that it’ll just be a series of “BAYSPLOSIONS” with Shia shouting “nonononono” for 2 hours.  Thankfully artists like Keegan Lam are out there to remind us of the vastly superior animated series that kicked off a generation of children who at some point believed that cars could transform into giant robots.

8 thoughts on “Robots in Disguise

  1. The Transformers cartoon was just a marketing tool used to sell cheap plastic toys to children. I don’t understand why anyone expects anything groundbreaking from the Bay films; they’re just selling nostalgia to those same little boys 20 years later.

  2. Good point Kyl. To be fair though I don’t think anyone does expect anything groundbreaking from ANY Michael Bay film do they? (except perhaps a level of loud that is one louder than the previous loud) and i’d like to think that those who grew up with the animated series would recognise the differences between the series and the films (and indeed, to a degree, the toys too). Maybe i’m wrong, i don’t know.

    I was too old for Transformers – when the series came out I was too busy being punk rock and having gigs i was going to being trashed by nazi skinheads and being jumped by them at train stations afterwards to be overly concerned about robots in disguise in a tv show. *tucks thumbs into waistcoat and smugly walks away*

    Nice work though!

  3. There’s a guy I see around town sometimes with these same calf pieces (but in black/grey) and I’ve met a kid before with them on his hands. I love autobot/decepticon pieces.

    The color on these is sick though!!!

  4. Btw…I do like the term BAYSPLOSIONS. And yes, it does need to be in BLOCK CAPS. Good call Rob.

  5. I am one of those little boys that had toys sold to me before i was old enough to realize thats what was happening and i love the movies. I am a huge transformers fan (cartoon and comic books) and if you take the movies for what they are instead of what you wish them to be, they are great. What could they do with the series that is reasonable? to make a good movie that has scifi origins you need to have a big budget and the only way to have a big budget is to make it marketable. So they have sponsership placements throughout the movie and they use specific brands of cars and the plot is a bit (well more than a bit) lacking but what were they going to do?
    the plot is essentially the same as the cartoon and the comic. They used throwbacks to the cartoons with having the yellow bug car beside bumblebee and other such things. Relax, sit back, and enjoy. Expecting a deep well thought out plot from something about robots fighting is so ridiculous anyways.

  6. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll probably go see T3 opening weekend. I just personally would have liked the movies to feature more robots and less people.

  7. Personally, I grew with the cartoons, and am “eh” when it ces to the movies. BAYSPLOSIONS abound, and Chicago is demolished. I can’t watch.
    Nice ink, nevertheless.

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