Do a barrel roll!

Alright, maybe not a barrel roll, but how about a backflip?

Emily‘s SusCon suspension was definitely one to remember.  While there weren’t a lot of photos taken (there was a lot going on at the time) her backflip suspension was one of the more technically challenging suspensions of the weekend.  This photo was taken right at the beginning of the suspension, with her hanging by her elbows and knees.  Rick from AGRO is supervising, as the backflip was about to start.

From this position her elbow hooks were cut free, dropping her into a knee suspension.    After hanging there for a few minutes, the rigging was quickly changed, and she was swung backwards so that the hooks in her back could be attached to the rigging plate.  Once she was hanging face down, her knees were cut, dropping her into a 2 point suicide, where she hung for the rest of her time in the air.

Since I last posted about the Dallas SusCon a number of other photos have been added to the gallery, so go on over and check them out.

9 thoughts on “Do a barrel roll!

  1. hah oh wow! Also involved were Alan from Wings of Desire, Kcir from AGRO, Zach of Hooked and CeeJay from DisGraceLand Hook Squad. SusCon was amazing, I can’t wait for next year!

  2. woot, i missed this modbloggin’. this was a fun as hell suspension to facilitate. at one point i had to lift emily by her boobs alone to get her in the position she needed to be in.

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