BMEFest is Back!!!

You read that right!  This summer marks the return of the infamous BMEFest, and you’re all invited!  The event page has all the little details, but here are some of the highlights:

  • Lots of room for tents
  • Swimming pool
  • Bonfire (That I will NOT be jumping in this time)
  • Food will be provided, but only the basics like burgers, veggies, and chicken.  If you want something else, feel free to bring it.  Oh, and if you’re over 21, bring the booze (just don’t drive afterwards)
  • Suspensions/Pullings – The space is there, just need some practitioners to sign on and bring equipment.
  • And last but not least… BOUNCY CASTLES!!!  SLIP’N'SLIDES!!! AND MORE!!!

BMEtv will also be set up interviewing people, so if you’re interested, just let Rachel know in the event forum.

BMEFest is going to be a big family reunion, a time to get caught up with some old friends, and a place to make new ones.  The party starts on Saturday July 2nd, and goes until Monday night.

And because this is a family reunion, here’s a tattoo celebrating family by Sagie from Walk the Line Tattoo Parlour in Sweden.

So what are you waiting for?  Head on over to the event page and RSVP today!

13 thoughts on “BMEFest is Back!!!

  1. I reeeally wish someone from Edmonton was driving out, I’d love to go! (that being said, I don’t really know anyone so I’d be pretty awkward and weird)

  2. @Rachie I emailed Jen about it when the events page was put up, it doesn’t seem to work in Chrome but worked for us in Safari.

  3. @Rachie&Tobias: I’ve had similar problems with Firefox. From what CT was able to figure out is that newer browsers just plain don’t like the ancient code that is the current IAM. I’ve found IE works when signing up for events, although I don’t know the best solution for Mac users.

  4. Sign ups don’t work in the latest version of Firefox. They did up until this update. Nor does it work in Chrome. It works just fine in Safari if you’re on a Mac.

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