The Mighty Thunderbird

It seems that Mr. Borneoscorpion2008 has managed to transform his cock into a massive thunderbird.  On top of that, he’s had his legs and groin tattooed to fit in with the theme of his bird, and the result is striking.

To see the rest of the tail, you’ll have to keep on reading.

Thunderbirds are definitely go here.  The split head, combined with the ampallang and the hafada really make the “tail” a force to be reckoned with.

Not sure which artist gets credit for what, but he lists the artists as, Hannes & Yvonne from Blut & Eisen in Berlin, and Roland & Ralf from Visavajara in Freiburg.

17 thoughts on “The Mighty Thunderbird

  1. Hello there /puts on her foxyness
    And regular people ask how does someone heavely modified like him gets any female attention and consequently have sex. Answer: attention they already have, so they are waaay ahead of you:)

    Now, excuse me, back to staring…

  2. That ink looks beautiful! And the piercings are amazing, and super attractive. Dasha, you’re not the only one staring!

  3. Ampallang is confusing me a bit.. Is that like a magnetic connector thing between the glanses or a couple of o-rings or something?

    I really hope it’s something magnetic. That would be badass.

  4. @Cortex: I think it may just be jewelry with a flat back. That way it doesn’t push the split glans apart, but still allows for separation which a solid bar couldn’t do.

  5. Ah true. They sit remarkably even for 2 separate pieces, good job to the piercer. This is making me wonder if I have the anatomy to do something like this, as well as how it would feel during sex.. Hmmmm..

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