Framing Beauty

I’m in a good mood today, and part of the reason is that I get to post this photo of the stunning Shandi.  In fact, I’m in such a good mood, the rest of today (up until the news post) will be all BME Boys and Girls!  Happy Friday everyone!

The Baroque inspired frame was done with the intention of leaving it blank, to be filled in with temporary pieces as time goes on.  Pictionary anyone?

The artist Shandi went to for this piece was Lou Jacque from Transcend Tattoo in Connecticut.

7 thoughts on “Framing Beauty

  1. Gorgeous shade work. At first I got all excited thinking it was an ouroborros until closer examination…and after reading the descript. Still gorgeous work.

  2. Can you imagine coming up behind her in that pose? I don’t think there’s any word other than “Heaven” that could describe that.

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