The Friday Follow-up

Today’s follow up is a little on the religious side.  To start with we’ve got a scar from Gabor Zagyvai who is well known for his minimalist style when it comes to both scarification and tattooing.

To see how it healed up, keep on reading.

I know you may be thinking that the picture is blurred, as I thought it was at first.  The scar just ended up healing in a way that made the image softer, making it appear hazy.  It’s a nice effect that goes well with the subject matter.

5 thoughts on “The Friday Follow-up

  1. Totally agree about the end result looking hazy adding to the piece and the subject matter – really effective. I like.

  2. It healed very nice.

    I’m more worried about that tattoo… “Viva Dura” doesn’t make sense in Spanish. Perhaps he wanted it to mean “Vive Duro” -> “Live hard”.

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