Summer BMEFest 2011!

Got plans for July 2nd-4th?  Nope?  Well you do now!  It’s BMEFest and it’s back with a vengeance.  The boss lady is opening her doors and inviting everyone to come on down for the weekend.  Here are some of the highlights:

  • Lots of room for tents
  • Swimming pool
  • Bonfire (That I will NOT be jumping in this time)
  • Food will be provided, but only the basics like burgers, veggies, and chicken.  If you want something else, feel free to bring it.  Oh, and if you’re over 21, bring the booze (just don’t drive afterwards)
  • Suspensions/Pullings – The space is there, just need some practitioners to sign on and bring equipment.
  • And last but not least… BOUNCY CASTLES!!!  SLIP’N’SLIDES!!! AND MORE!!!

BMEtv will also be set up interviewing people, so if you’re interested, just let Rachel know in the event forum.

This is a chance to get to see some friends you may not have seen in a while, as well as a chance to make new ones.  If there’s one thing that’s consistent with every BME event, is that after a few minutes, everyone is like family.  Well, the kind of family that you party your face off for a weekend with.

What are you waiting for, sign up for the event right here.  (NOTE: Newer versions of browsers tend to have problems with the signup page.  People have found Safari and IE to work when their browser doesn’t.)

Oh, and those BME Logo tattoos?  They belong to IAM: Klages.

10 thoughts on “Summer BMEFest 2011!

  1. Wow I can’t believe an event is happening in the area. I just may try and make it, really would love some modified friends in the area. (I am in Montgomery County, MD)

  2. Jared: The offer is more for those planning to attend. If they want to facilitate, then they’re more than welcome to. I don’t think Rachel will be paying to fly someone in just for that. She’s gotta save the money for the bouncy castles!

  3. damn son of a….*grumbles*

    I wanna go on bouncy castles 🙁 damn stupid living in UK…..*grumbles more an stomps off*

  4. How did I just find out about this???? I’ll be there. Will there be Roman candle fights in the castle?

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