Building on greatness

We’ve established in the past that Vincent Hocquet’s dotwork pieces are mind-bendingly awesome.  Today we’re going to look back on a piece that was first featured last August, and how far along it’s progressed since then.  So here’s how the sleeve started out.  A massive undertaking that blended geometry and flowers to create a beautiful image.

Then again, back in March, we saw this same sleeve, but the focus was on the latest addition, an all-seeing eye on the chest.  It also gave us a chance to see just how detailed the sleeve itself was.  What we thought was initially solid shapes turned out to be dotwork that was conforming to a perfect geometric shape.

Which brings us to today where the latest addition has taken the piece from his right shoulder, all the way across his chest.

Given how much blank skin there is on that lucky guy, I’d imagine we’re in for more from Vincent.  Be sure to check out more of his work in his BME portfolio gallery.

6 thoughts on “Building on greatness

  1. I’m going to die if I don’t find a dotwork artist in the US with a similar style soon.

    This is so absolutely gorgeous.

  2. Maybe its my squinty morning eyes but I can’t make out what the text across his stomach says…does anyone know?
    This is unbelievably good work!

  3. Iheartlungs, i think it says ‘still ill’ but no space (stillill) the angle of the final 2 l’s made them look like e’s but i think it’s stillill xxx

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