This ain’t no cold front

Her name may be Polareyez, but she’s definitely hot.  Featuring work from Nick Friederich, Jason Ackerman, Brian Decker, and Starr Belew, Polareyez has a lot going on for her.  Hopefully I can twist her arm to come down to BMEFest 2011.

I’ve got one more pic of her, but you’ll have to keep reading to see it.

It’s pretty tame content wise, but I figured it’s better to be safe than sorry.  Especially if it might cost someone their job.

5 thoughts on “This ain’t no cold front

  1. I like how her hand is covering her pretty much her whole boob except for her nipple.

  2. @Nano: I’m still disappointed I didn’t get to meet her when I was down last time. That girl works too much.

  3. @Nano: You’re one of my favorites too. I miss you.

    And I had no intentions of showing nip, didn’t even notice it til now. Oops. :)

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