Fallout: NYC

While I’m sure some of you might be expecting a video game related post with that headline, the fallout I’m referring to is happening on ChrisB‘s arm.

As Chris’ branding heals, the ink that was branded over will fall out, leaving a nice negative space flower on his arm.  As many of you with brandings know, they hurt, a lot.  So who was it that got to torture Chris?  None other than Brian Decker.  Which of course brings us back to the title, as Brian and Chris both work and live in New York City.  You can see more of Brian’s work in his BME portfolio gallery.

5 thoughts on “Fallout: NYC

  1. I really REALLY want to see this when it’s fully healed. I can’t stop looking at it now, I can hardly wait to see what it looks like when it’s healed.

  2. I think it looks as good as it ever will right now!
    The black on black (grey) is amazing!

  3. This is absolutely beautiful. Not only is the blackwork itself solid, but the clean lines of the brand will certainly add depth.

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