Guess What’s for dinner?

Today’s guess what is a first for me.  I didn’t have to crop or blur anything in the first photo.  Of course that doesn’t really help you with anything.

So, with a bottle of nice chianti, and a side of fava beans, what do you think is the main course?

And no, that isn’t someone’s liver.  It is part of someone’s body though.  The question is, what part?

Think you know?  Keep on reading to see if you’re right.

Well, I’m sure that quite a few of you guessed genitals, and well, of course you’re correct.  Before we get to the big reveal, let’s take a quick look at how things were before they ended up on the plate.

Back in December I posted a guess what featuring a piercing that I named an anglerfish, simply because everyone I talked to couldn’t think of any other name for it.  While the piercing was unique, a lot of people were more interested in all of the other modifications that they could see.

The anglerfish is the large piercing that comes up through a urethral reroute and out mid-shaft into a full subincision.  On top of that we have a number of other piercings, plus what appears to be an empty split scrotum.

Which brings us back to today’s first photo, which is a plate full of flesh.  Here’s how he looks today.

And there you have it.  The remains of a fresh nullification.  For BME Hard subscribers, there are a lot more photos in the male nullo gallery.  I’ll also be keeping an eye out for any future updates from this gentleman and I’ll be sure to post a follow-up when that happens.  He’s going through a really interesting journey, and we’re all lucky to be able to come along for the ride.

36 thoughts on “Guess What’s for dinner?

  1. The bottom left piece on the plate is smiling at us :)
    I love these kinds of precedures.

  2. I am not normally the one to judge, but from my point of view this is leaning against self-mutilation.
    To me bodymodification is about enhancing the body, making it better and more interesting than mother nature intended. I’m afraid that cutting your dick to pieces and finally cutting it all off does not fall within that definition.
    Not being able to have sex would make life pointless to me, but if this guy indeed have had his testicles removed I can see why he does not feel the need to have a penis.

  3. There’s your official “Welcome to BME” Rob. ;) I ran out of firsts years ago.

    This is from a long time BME member. :) I’ve got to say after being with BME this long, the folks who submit to BME Hard are some of the nicest I’ve come across. I always enjoy talking with them.

  4. @Jen: It’s only a first because I didn’t have to open photoshop for this one :)

    Plus I think I hit my one year anniversary a little while ago.

  5. To be honest, when you said it was parts from the body, I immediately thought of sweetbreads from the story Red Dragon”. Oysters.

    As to X’s distaste, part of the beauty with our people is that they come from all backgrounds and walks of life. If tolerance and diversity cannot be dispersed here, then where? It is an act I cannot understand, but I will try and be curious about it.

    In the end, it is what makes one feel beautiful to themselves, not us that truly matters.

  6. X, while this is definitely on my list of “not for me” mods, to think that sex is impossible w/o the penis is a bit ignorant. The whole mutilation vs. modification debate comes down to only two things, the persons motivation and their mental state. The mod itself has no bearing on which way it leans.

  7. Is the scrotum empty? It looks like there’s a testicle in at least the right hand sack (or this guy’s left depending on how you look at it)? They don’t look overly deflated in the second pic, though I’m not experienced with this kind of thing so I wouldn’t really know. Eek.

  8. Cutting things off from your body to reach a certain state is one thing to me , but placing those chopped of parts on a plate with flowers, “ready to be served ” is too much for me .

  9. Did it taste any good? That’s really the only question that I have.

  10. ya know when i looked at the first picture – for some stupid reason i thought “keloids” i should really know better by now!!!

  11. @Sean – I believe that having the testicles removed, one way or another, also completely removes the male libido? And that is why I can understand if he did not feel like keeping it. Yes, there are ways to have sex without a penis, but I can not see why that would be of any interest to a person that does not feel the need to have sex.

  12. Wow, that one hell of a modification. I’ve, for a long time, been thinking about a glansectomy… So my respect to him for going even further! Hope it all heals well.

  13. This person’s genitals have confused and intrigued me since the first time you posted them.

  14. Pretty fascinating. I’d love to read a write-up about this person’s motivations if they were ever to write one.

  15. @Nexi
    At first, I thought it was keloids too. It’s funnt how we already know it has to be something more brutal if it made it on here.

  16. It is a good possibility that this person may have better sex than any of us could imagine due to the fact that they are no longer blinded by the idea that sex has anything to do with genitals…Many cultures around the world believe and teach that that is the smallest part of a sexual experience….I also would like to say that to see someone show such commitment in their modifications absolutely amazes me..Godspeed on your journey through life my friend and I sincerely hope you find what you are looking for….I deal everyday with people who think I am absolutely nuts for what I put my body through but anybody who gives me the time to explain why ends up being very supportive and intrigued even more after a short conversation….Mutilation or modification…It is my life my way and if it doesn’t cause harm to another…..who are any of us to judge….

  17. X – Isn’t that little tidbit about the testicles/libido very debated?

    I would love a story to go along with this. I just want to hear the motivation behind it and what gave this person the idea, it’s certainly very interesting.

  18. Rob – I know how long you’ve been with BME. That wasn’t what I meant.

    It’s been a long time since ModBlog has had anything like this on it though not the first time. (Not directed at Rob, just a comment in general…)

  19. I guessed right, sadly. Whatever floats your boat. Though in my opinion this leans more towards mutilation, though I’d actually like to pick his brain.

  20. Yet transgender people have to go through years of therapy…sure as fuck makes sense to me :-p

  21. That is intense, I find it sort of depressing that he moded them out that much to finally cut them off. I guess many feel that art should be temporary and it is the journy that matters and not the finished pieced, Im willing to bet that’s whats going on here in one way or another. I too have genital mods but plan on keeping mine, Kudos for taking the extra step to the point of no return there, that shows dedication!

  22. I really would like to know the mindset behind stuff like this because I do not understand it at all. What would possess a man to want to cut his dick off? I can understand being transgendered, but to want NO genitalia at all? Every guy I’ve *ever* met would literally rather die than lose his dick. I just do not get the motivation behind this at all & I’m really curious.

  23. this is a website about body modification, its up to the individual whether they consider it “mutilation” or not.
    he is not he first guy to do this, its been going on for thousands of years.

  24. Why in the name of Christ would you do that? I know it seems like a fairly obvious question, but seriously, I wanna know why.

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