BMEFest 2011 – All you need to know!

So the weekend is fast approaching and you’re probably thinking to yourself, “self, what am I going to need to bring to BMEFest 2011?”  Well think no more as this post should hopefully answer all your questions!

First thing’s first.  The party is from Saturday afternoon until Monday morning.  Now seeing as how it’s taking place in Virginia, just North East of Richmond, it’s going to be HOT.  That means you’ll need to bring:


We’ll probably be spending most of the weekend either in the pool or on a slip’n’slide, so make sure you come prepared.  To help people cool off, we’ll have a Sno-Cone machine handy!

Now, because there is a lot of space available for camping, we’re expecting quite a few people to pitch some tents.  Obviously if you’re camping you’ll need to bring your own toiletries.  The plan is to get an outdoor shower set up, so you can keep yourself clean.

We all have to eat, and Rachel is going to be picking up the basics, burgers (beef, veg, and chicken), eggs and bacon (real and fake), salads (greens, pasta, and potato) and some veggies (corn on the cob, etc).  Drinks will also be there, but again, it’ll be limited to soda and water.  For the bonfire we’ll have smores!  If you’re 21+ you’re welcome to bring your own alcohol, but no sharing with the minors! Now this probably won’t be enough to feed everyone, so if you have suggestions on food that we should pick up, let us know now!  You’re also more than welcome to bring extra food along to share.  For the vegans, we’ll have separate grills, but we also need some suggestions on vegan friendly BBQ foods.

For those of you who are attached to electricity for some odd reason, power will be available for those camping.  There is also very limited internet available, but it has a daily cap on bandwidth, so only use it for emergencies.  Besides, we’re all going to be there, so there’s no need to check IAM for messages.

Weather wise, Virginia is hot and humid.  It’s also a little unpredictable.  Rachel was telling me earlier in the week that one afternoon it was 95 and humid one minute, then pouring rain the next.  So again, be prepared for anything!

The actual address will be sent out later in the week to all those who have RSVP’d on the event page.  If you’ve had a problem signing up, it will also be posted on the event page on Friday.  For those trying to sign up but are having problems, newer browsers aren’t liking the old IAM code, however, Internet Explorer and Safari do seem to be working.

I’ll be keeping this post near the top of ModBlog for the rest of the week, so feel free to use the comment section as a way to post questions or suggestions, and don’t forget to use the event forum as well.  There are a few people offering rides and others in need of rides for the weekend.

Don’t wait!  Sign up for BMEFest 2011 right now!!

11 thoughts on “BMEFest 2011 – All you need to know!

  1. I am freezing my ass of today in lil ol’ NZ and this sounds bloody fantastic. Have a great time everyone! I will be there in spirit 🙂

  2. “Weather wise, Virginia is hot and humid.”

    Florida, laughin’ at you canadians and your ideas of hot and humid.


  3. @Tobias: I was quoting the boss-lady. I’ve spend enough time in Florida to know humid. And for the record, because of Toronto’s weird geography we get abnormally humid weather in the summer.

  4. Truth! Jokes aside, I’ve been checking the forecast and it’s been warmer in richmond than in florida lately.

  5. I hope you guys have an awesome time. I just up in Maryland, but I am not an IAM member =/

  6. Anyone who has ever been in downtown Toronto in the middle of the summer is well acquainted with Hell… I mean humidity. What?

    Jessica, you don’t need to be an IAM member. Go. Pretend you’re me. Take my place. Have fun!

  7. haha thats nothing, a few years ago it was like 70 one day then snowed the next.
    that was when i was on spring break for easter too.

  8. WIsh I could come. Sadly, mom-in-law will be in town that weekend, my wife and I have to babysit her (okay, my wife does, and I have to help prevent my wife from committing matricide), which means I go nowhere fun for the weekend.

  9. Hey! Had a question I wad an IAM for quite some time but no longer am I still contribute to the site when I can. Am I aloud to come? I will bring food and drink and the like, vegan and straight edge. Also can I bring my dog? I will be camping if anyone can answer these questions please e mail me I only live a hr from Richmond in Baltimore and I can carpool if anyone is intresred. [email protected]

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