Too hot to handle

Last week we got a look at Supa’s amazing facial brandings.  Today we’ll see just how Anti from the Kaptive8 Suspension Krew set about creating those designs on Supa’s skull.  There are many ways to perform a branding, and each way can heal differently even on the same person.  I want to say that this is a strike branding, but because he’s heating up a scalpel, it looks like he’s cutting the designs into the flesh and cauterizing the wound at the same time, whereas a strike branding involves the hot object being placed on the skin.  No matter what you call it though, it’s going to hurt.

6 thoughts on “Too hot to handle

  1. i wonder if super heating the scalpel like that would dull the edge of the blade?

  2. Holy fucking shit. That’s intense. I’d be curious to see how he sat through it. I really like the way it looks though.

  3. Oh that shit sucked and it was after we had used 3 to 4 cautery pens and I wanted to keep going so it was my bright idea to heat a scalpel to cut and burn. For the time that you could see the scars they looked amazing I will be posting more pics of the various designs and sessions of my head and face. The downside to healing like a mutant is that I eat scars. :(

    @wayne: It did not dull the scalpel it actually made us able to get finer detail like a cut but its a burn. But as for the feeling that is something entirely different. It didn’t feel like getting cut or burned it was odd because it literally felt like both because well it was. I just thought it would feel like being burnt. Lol I was wrong :)

    @Lucas: The whole session itself was about 2 hours and it was whole left side excluding my face and went all the way to the back (in the pic you can see where it starts) and we used the hot scalpel method for the last 45 minutes of the brand.

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