As we continue with today’s scarstravaganza, we’ve got something by a new artist.  This ram scarification is only the 4th one that Chris Shelafoe has ever done.  It’s located on the back of a calf, and I’m guessing it’s on someone small as you can see the scale of it next to his thumb.  I’m curious to see how this one heals up as there was a lot of skin peeled off in parts, plus some interesting cuts in the face of the ram.  It also looks to be pretty even which is difficult to accomplish as a new artist in a removal that big.  The pools of blood are giving it a false sense of depth in spots and should be overlooked.

Chris works at Rendezvous Tattoo & Body Piercing in Marquette, MI.

Just a quick update:  A couple of artists have mentioned that this cutting may be too deep in places.  While I’m sure it will heal, they’ve asked me to relay the message that a cutting which removes large sections should be done by artists when they have a bit more experience.

17 thoughts on “Baa-Ram-Ewe

  1. Not to be mean, but I don’t think that is going to heal well. It’s really inconsistent, and a bit sloppy.

  2. i could be wrong (and probably will be) this looks to be a design that looks great fresh…however won’t look great healed…i am interested to see how it heals because of the large amount of skin that has been removed.

  3. yea this was my 4th piece ever….. And I will continue to strive to make my scarification the best… Im sure you guys can do better… I believe you wont/cant get any better doing pieces that wont challenge you… I’ll continue posting stuff that I have done.. And give you all a run for your money ;) Can I see some of your work? Post me a link.. I would love to see it….

  4. So apparently only other artists can notice flaws in scarification. Interesting. I’ve been around BME long enough (1999) to see what a piece should and shouldn’t be like. I pointed out, basically, what the pro’s said. It wasn’t meant to be an insult, its constructive criticism. If people only said “I love it! You’re the best!” you wouldn’t improve.

  5. no no, bro… I appreciate it.. I really do… Add me on facebook.. I want to get to know other people interested in this stuff.. .(or possible clientele) Ive been following Bme since I was 20 and i am now 26.. so not as long as you.. But I love it here.. I have this piece coming to my shop today… He says the detail is staying (so far…. PUMPED) I cant wait to do more… Im only gonna get better..

  6. I do feel that its a bit too deep. Ive only been following modblog since like 2003 but when I looked at it it seemed to have things exposed that I have never seen. I said to myself that it looks too deep, then I read the disclaimer. I am glad your attempting these things and I don’t know if your under an apprenticeship or not. Its something to be constantly cautious and aware of though that this is serious business, not just a needle. Good luck in your experience and work, though! You will always learn if you never think you know it all :)

  7. I’ve seen quite a few cuttings over the years & the 1st thing that came to my mind was that, while the art concept was amazing, the flesh looked like it had been hacked at, or gnawed away in places. As if by a small rodent. No disrespect meant in any way… just a personal observational opinion, since I am in no way a professional myself. I can’t wait to see the healed version.

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