Hanging out at BMEFest 2011

We’re starting to get pictures from BMEFest 2011 sent into the galleries, and this first one comes from Tobias and it features his very first suspension.  Cere from ROP facilitated the suspension, but he wasn’t alone in helping Tobias get off the ground.  With the support of everyone around, especially that of the photographer, Miss McShady, Tobias managed to get in the air and had an incredible experience.  This photo below sums up not only his suspension, but also the general vibe of the weekend.  Good friends enjoying the company of others, and having a lot of fun.

Oh, and in case you’ve never been to a BME event before, this close-up should give you an idea of just what kind of fun was had.

Yes, that is a double ended dildo.

Keep an eye out for more photos from the party!

5 thoughts on “Hanging out at BMEFest 2011

  1. haha, yess.

    My iam page has a better version of the cropped photo if you want it.

    I loved this suspension, that weekend, and getting to meet so many familiar faces finally. Hope to see everyone again soon!

  2. Wish I coulda gone :( But I had a tattoo that got to go so its kinda like I went right? lol

  3. You were totally on my arm the whole time, Nick. ;)

    And even though I didn’t speak to Tobias much, or really at all that weekend, it was amazing to watch his suspension.

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