Octopus’ garden

It’s one thing to get a cute octopus tattoo, it’s an entirely different thing to get one on the back of your knee.  I haven’t yet hit that spot on my body, but if it’s anything like the ditch on my arm, that couldn’t have felt good.

Naepier Jenkins from First Blood in Sydney is the artist of this piece.

7 thoughts on “Octopus’ garden

  1. i thought my arm ditches and knee ditches were one of the easier spots to get tattooed!!! ribs and armpits on the otherhand….

  2. hah, i had a piece put on the back of my knee just this year. it was a VERY unique sensation for a tattoo – it hurt, but not in a way that made me grind my teeth or grimace, & felt generally like lightning shooting up my leg & into my shoulder. very odd indeed.

    the healing was horrible & it swelled for several weeks after initial healing, but it did heal down perfectly with no loss of ink or scarring. mine’s much smaller than this one; must’ve been fun.

  3. oh oh ive been in that shop , so many hotties work there , and they do amazing tattoos!

  4. That’s my no-no spot, I don’t even let my girlfriend put her hand on my knee when we’re on the couch, I don’t know why.

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