This is his “O” face

Bmxkillhorse here joins the illustrious ranks of the BMEBoys with this shot of him playing around in an empty pool.  This actually comes from the BME Culture galleries.  These galleries exist for members of the community to send in photos of themselves doing the things they love.  Be it BBQs in the summer, to bowling with weirdos in the fall, or lounging on a beach to get away from winter’s cold, the BME Culture galleries are here for you to share your lives with the rest of the community.

5 thoughts on “This is his “O” face

  1. I thought it was dreads too! Nice photo though. Is he missing his plug in his left earlobe or is he wearing two different ones?

  2. Okay, it’s not just me that thought dreads. I was too chicken to say something. Total cutie!!! I wish he’d bike @my pool…

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