Casting Call – Toronto Area

Listen up Toronto area ModBlog readers.  As you may have heard, Sony Pictures is currently filming Total Recall around the city and they’re looking for some modified people to be in the film.  So if you live in or around Toronto, check out the listing below.

Total Recall, a Sony Pictures Film starring Colin Farrell, Jessica Biehl, and Kate Beckinsale, is shooting here in Toronto and requires background performers who have elaborate tattoos (preferably facial and head, neck and arms), multiple visible piercings, and/or any sub/transdermal implants or other body modifications. The filming will take place in mid-August, with details coming closer to the shoot date. Anyone interested should email a photo (highlighting tattoos and any modifications) as well as contact information to David Seymour at [email protected]. Any other questions regarding the film will be fielded upon receipt.

If you are interested, make sure to mention that you found out about this through BME.  Who knows, we may be seeing more of these in the future.

9 thoughts on “Casting Call – Toronto Area

  1. I hope that “background artists” won’t be foolish enough to sign up for 10-12 hours of work with no monetary compensation. Even if you get camera time or are promised to be a “featured extra”, likely as not, your six seconds of fame won’t make it into the final print.

    And yes, been there done that. Now I work on the “other” side of the camera and see this done to people all the time.

  2. I totally signed up for this.

    It could be good for shits and giggles, I do a lot of print work anyways. So just something else to have fun with.

  3. Things that the total recall remake has in common with the original: the name. That’s it. its NOT EVEN ON MARS. Anyway. I’m sure this is a good opportunity and all the best for those who sign up. Make sure you get paid!

  4. Oh, its Paid! No worries about that! :) I do this for a living and got David and Rachel talking!

    Please don’t be shy to send your info and stuff to David. :)
    Total Recall is a great set to be on, i just finished doing 5 days on that set!

  5. Maee: Thanks for clearing that up for everyone! Most people don’t realize that they will get paid! They don’t get that legitimate movies aren’t the same. When guilds are involved there are strict rules! Working on a real big budget set is tons of fun, even if you do stand around for 10-12 hours and don’t make it into the final edit. Getting to see behind the curtain that most never get to see, is an experience in and of itself!

    David was great. He asked for high res photos after seeing mine and asked me to come up for it so if they decide they’d like me, I’d be more than happy to do it because after my experience on Clerks 2, which was just supposed to be a walk on cameo which turned into a line (BTW I’m still receiving crazy checks quarterly from it!)

    Thanks again for sending David over. We do casting calls for people all the time so I’m used to posting them but he was definitely super nice and easy to work with. You should see the casting calls that I’ve had to rewrite because I was like “uhhhh, this ad is not going to get you anywhere but mocked off the internet!”.

    Hope to see everyone there in August!

  6. I think it would be exciting to see behind the scenes and quite possibly be able to pause a dvd in the future and point and say “Look it’s me! Standing over there in that crowd!” It would definitely be a fun experience that I’d love to do if I were in the area.

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