Out for a walk

It’s been too long since IAM:Jay-Z has made an appearance on ModBlog, so to remedy that here’s a shot of her and her pooch from a calendar photoshoot to raise money for the human society.

You can see more of Jay-Z in the BMEGirls gallery.

9 thoughts on “Out for a walk

  1. did you mean to say human society? lol, I think the society of humans could use a lot less money.

  2. Aww, dog a dog!!! Is he a pitbull? Handsome boy.

    I like how candid and intimate it looks, like I’m leaving my friend’s house. I had this mini daydream that the neighbors thought she was hougan, but she makes dog biscuits.

    gotta lay off the caffeine… Lovely ink though.

  3. I think it should read “humane society” as in “In dog we trust”.

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