Beauty in rejection

A lot of discussion has arose over some of the microdermal projects that have been coming out of Tribal Trading Tilburg.  While in some cases the projects have held up well over time, sometimes they don’t.  Nesh Cash, one of the artists at Tribal Trading Tilburg, always ensures that the clients are aware of both the difficulties in maintaining piercings of this type, but also the risks of scarification afterwards.  Unlike the triskellion project, this cross (which was featured a few months ago), didn’t take and resulted in an interesting looking scar.

Just like any piercing, the potential for rejection is present, and with projects like this, the chances are increased.  It’s great to see that Tribal Trading Tilburg is trying new things, and while not every project is a perfect success, even the ones that reject can still result in an interesting modification.

15 thoughts on “Beauty in rejection

  1. I like the scar, the dots make for a great effect.
    Trying to work out how part of it appears skew in this picture when it was straight in the last though?

  2. @ iron man, I totally agree !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    She should have stayed at her previous line of work !!

  3. it’s called a career and we have one, a good one to be exact.
    you should take a hard look at yours and your staff’s.
    not everyone that has tits is a good employee ……

  4. Nothing pathetic about it, she cleary is not an artist not even a piercer at that.

    The fact that she uses a needle to place jewelry doenst make her a artist nor a piercer, the fact that she does so without proper training or knowledge makes her a disgrace for the profession and a blemish for everyone that does take this very serious

  5. Because slagging someone off on the internet isn’t pathetic at all?

    Competition between shops is fine, but this childish behaviour is taking the piss.

  6. There is no competion, we dont even have a piecer we are a tattoo only shop, but that still doesnt make a turd a diamond

  7. i get the ‘slagging someone off on the internet’ and normally i agree a 100%, but all i’m trying to do here is to let people know their work might look ‘cool’ and all but the way the procedures were done, the aftercare and the really bad hygiene that comes with that all, is a damn big put-off, not to mention potentially life threatening.
    off course the several infections that took place in quite a few pieces that came from this shop aren’t mentioned here ….
    based on pictures here you can’t see the professionalism or expertise of these ‘artists’, or better said: the serious lack of …..
    i’m not trying to badmouth anyone out of jealousy/competition or whatever, i am trying to sketch the other side of the picture, a reality check if you will …. people are free to make their own choices, but then they need to hear the whole story not just the sugarcoated part …

  8. exactly the reason i dont post my work on bmezine. i had someone message me and tell me how my scalpel procedure i did was too cheap (it was carried out on another piercer) and that i was a butcher and my equipment was shit. made me laugh. i replied with “go to someone else then…..

    I dont feel the need generally to comment however I am much too busy to get into a bitching war, perhaps concentrate on what you are doing (or not doing) rather than have a typing stress over someone elses judgement call on how, where, when and if they work. you all are drama queens over thhis issue, and sound more like hairdressers bitching away. i actually think the scars are better than the anchors anyway!

    and in reply to whichever bit of my comment you pick on – opinions are like assholes, everyones got one!

  9. @ Darkonyx its really difficult to shoot the cross straight when he is holding his arm up (in this pic he is bending it to hold his shirt up high). the pic with the dermals in place took me quite a few tries before i captured it right, every slightest move, and that includes breathing, can make it look not straight.

  10. @ Iron Man and tilburg ink, if you’ve got any problems with me, or my work, please say so to me in person.
    we all work and/or live in the same city (or so i guess), so be a man/woman about it and confront me face to face, in the end, it doesn’t take a lot of backbone to blurt things on the internet.

  11. @nexi I expect it to fade more yes, in this picture the scar is about 1 to 3 months old, depending on what part you look at, i didn’t take them out all at once. so i guess it will be more of a white-ish kind of colour when it is fully healed.

  12. @tilburg ink and iron man.
    use your real name, you seem to know a lot about us, never seen you guys!

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