4 hookers, 1 hook

Here’s another photo of the shenanigans that transpired at the recent Oslo Suscon. With help from Wings of Desire, Stanislav from the Moscow based Sinner Team hangs from a single hook while his wife Elena and two other women all hang onto him.  You can see Håvve in the background keeping a close eye on the hook.  Having seen that look on his face, while holding that flashlight, I can tell you that if anything were to have happened he would have been on top of it in an instant.  Thankfully everything went well and we’ve got the photos to prove it.

8 thoughts on “4 hookers, 1 hook

  1. 250 for a Sea Demon? I wouldn’t trust one to hold that much. We consistently saw 2 Sea Demons failing on a 230 pound person!

    Gilsons, we hung 350+ off of two 8 gauge hooks with no issues at all, but not sure about a single Gilson.

  2. Hung a bit over 500 lbs off two sea demons without any real issues… hooks just bent slightly

    Also this picture makes me happy ^-^

  3. One of them there girls is Alice by the look of things, and she weighs just less than a bag of sugar…..

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