Swinging in Dallas

Here’s something else from the 2012 Dallas SusCon.  Håvve from Wings of Desire is giving Emily a push during her single point suicide suspension.

Photo by Naked Lens.

Remember to pre-order your copy of “Learing to Fly”, celebrating 10 years of Wings of Desire.

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Up, Up, and Away

Photos from the most recent Dallas SusCon are starting to trickle in, which means we’re going to be seeing some incredible suspensions here really soon.  To kick things off we’ve got the lovely Starr doing a 6pt superman that was facilitated by Wings of Desire.  Photo by Naked Lens.

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Learning to Fly

For those of you unfamiliar with Wings of Desire, they’re one of the world’s finest suspension teams and hosts to The Oslo SusCon.  Håvve and the rest of the gang are always at the forefront of modern suspension and now they’re about to do something that hasn’t been accomplished in many years, and that is publish a book on suspension.  Now in order for the book to be published, a minimum number of pre-orders need to be made.  The book, featuring the photography of Helene Fjell, is a chronicle of the past 10 years that Wings of Desire has been together.  Here’s a bit more about the book.

The book has been a long term project; planned since the very beginning of the Norwegian chapter in suspension history. Helene, our photographer, has been present since Håvve first came out as a Fakir in 1991 and has followed his work for more than two decades. As our official photographer, most of the body suspensions facilitated by Wings of Desire (WoD) can be found in her archives.

Helene’s photographs show more than the beauty of suspended bodies, they also capture the emotion of the moment. There are also a multitude of stories belonging to the people depicted. To give a slight impression of their various feelings and experiences, we have included selected quotes from people who have been suspended by Wings of Desire.

The foreword is written by Håvve’s first mentor, Allen Falkner. The history and philosophy behind WoD practice is put into words by the Norwegian suspension pioneer and creator of WoD, Håvve.

Instead of choosing a publisher, we have decided to publish this book ourselves. We know that we have the experience and ability to make this book a striking visual and emotional testimony—as well as an historical artifact of a decade’s worth of continuous improvement of equipment and technique. What we need is your help to make it happen!

Wings of Desire have partnered with a Kickstarter-like site for independent authors.  What this means is that all the funds that go directly into the creation of the book, with nothing being tacked on by a publisher.  The down side to this is that in order to be published, they need to sell 500 pre-orders by May 7th.  So if you’re interested in getting a copy of what is sure to be an incredible book, head on over to this site to order your copy.

4 hookers, 1 hook

Here’s another photo of the shenanigans that transpired at the recent Oslo Suscon. With help from Wings of Desire, Stanislav from the Moscow based Sinner Team hangs from a single hook while his wife Elena and two other women all hang onto him.  You can see Håvve in the background keeping a close eye on the hook.  Having seen that look on his face, while holding that flashlight, I can tell you that if anything were to have happened he would have been on top of it in an instant.  Thankfully everything went well and we’ve got the photos to prove it.