Time to brush up on your Mandalorian

Today’s winner of the nerdiest scar contest goes to this scar by John Joyce.

For those not “in the know”, Boba Fett was a Mandalorian warrior turned bounty hunter.  I could be wrong about the translation but I believe the above reads “Adryanna”.

4 thoughts on “Time to brush up on your Mandalorian

  1. Since the Mandalorian Wars ended (3,960 BBY) the Mandalorian clans were only a spitting image of their former glory. They were reduced to all but bickering tribes, vying for control of what little space they had left on Duxn. Most resorted to bounty hunting to suppliment their needs to glory and honor.

  2. The origins of Mando’a are believed to lie with the language of the Taung, an ancient race of humanoid simians that originated on Coruscant in the time before the Galactic Republic’s formation. The Taung were driven from Coruscant by the Human Battalions of Zhell after a lengthy war, and under the leadership of Mandalore the First, conquered a new planet they named Mandalore in their leader’s honor, becoming the first Mandalorians—or Mando’ade, “Children of Mandalore” in Mando’a. Despite this direct lineage, unique elements contained in Mando’a are unlike any found in other galactic languages. Mando’a has no grammatical cases, only two forms for a verb to take, a tense prefix system, and simplistic rules for forming adjectives from nouns and verb stems. Spelling and punctuation forms are optional, decided upon by the preference of the individual speaker—”jagyc” and “jagla”, for instance, are both correct ways of saying “masculine”.

  3. I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one coming into the comments to elaborate on Boba’s Mandalorian background and why clarification is needed after the year 3960 BBY. Though he was a Mandalorian warrior, that basically translated to Bounty Hunter and Mercenary in his time.

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