Here’s what Jesse Smith had to say about this creation:

“He was lead to believe that he was helping. Unfortunately his eagerness to help will cost him his life.” This tattoo illustrates a day in the life of one of my soccer buddies who is a master chef at the infamous Shafer Court. It took me about 15 hours to complete.

I love how he’s captured three different emotions with each of the characters.  The rabbit’s stern look of determination is countered by the manic glee of the chef approaching from behind.  Of course, who can forget the poor carrot, he knows he’s done for.  The question now is, will it be the rabbit or the chef who finishes him off.

5 thoughts on “Rabtattooille

  1. @yosh, lol I know right? they kind of seem to find one or two flavours of the week and just run them ragged
    also I’m surprised no one has mentioned the superiority of veganism or the food chain or started singing the lion king’s circle of life… so yeah

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