Congratulations Rolf!!!

This morning Guinness announced some new world record holders and among them was none other than Rolf Buchholz.  Rolf now has the distinction of being the world record holder as The Most Pierced Man in the World.  With a grand total of 453 piercings (278 of them being genital piercings), Rolf piercings are extensive and impressive.  What the Guinness record people didn’t mention is that Rolf has been tracking all of his suspensions, and has taken a total of 998 hooks since his first suspension in 2004.  Last month at the Oslo Suscon, Rolf marked his 100th suspension with a 100pt superman.  Rolf is a wonderful member of the BME and Suspension communities and we at BME would like to congratulate Rolf on this distinct honor.

12 thoughts on “Congratulations Rolf!!!

  1. I’ve always just wished his lobes were thicker/nicer looking… I do love those sparrow plugs, though.

    lol @ tobias.

    In any case, congrats! :3

  2. Fair enough, I wasn’t sure if he’d ever posted them to /hard or anything. Either way, congrats to Rolf on this one. I look forward to hearing about his 1000th hook.

  3. i think this works really well on him as you can still see his face behind the sheer amount of piercings, so it doesnt detract from him at all. good luck! and well done!

  4. @Tobias: I did his 1000th hook (and numbers 1001 – 1004) this weekend at the Paderborn Tattoomesse for a lotus suspension – if you don’t count the two hooks for a short pulling at the day before 😉

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