Superman never made any money

One of the best things about the suspension community is its global presence.  All around the world people are able to suspend thanks to the hard work of suspension teams that are constantly in touch with each other, looking for ways to improve.  These teams are made up of individuals that donate their time to facilitate suspensions for people.  What makes these teams unique is that they don’t operate for profit.  The money given to suspend is used entirely to pay for the materials used.  It’s important to remember this whenever you see suspension photos like the ones below.

Teams like Skindependent Suspension from Christchurch, NZ are a shining example of how dedicated the individuals are.  I met Eden and Krysten from Skindependent at Dallas Suscon earlier in the year.  After surviving the devastating earthquake that struck Christchurch, the couple packed up their bags for a weekend on the other side of the world just to learn from other practitioners the world over.  They paid for the trip themselves, and returned to New Zealand with knowledge that they passed onto their team.  Since then, they’ve hosted “For the Love of Hooks“, the largest suspension event ever held in New Zealand, and they’ve started up “Sunday Sessions“, to allow anyone who wishes to suspend a place to do so every month.

So from now on, whenever you see photos of people suspending, remember that it’s not just the person in the air enjoying themselves, but also the facilitators.  They don’t do it for money, they do it because they love suspension and they want to be able to give those people who want to suspend a safe and enjoyable experience.

You can see more photos from Skindependent Suspension events in their BME gallery.

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