Guess What?

Alright, so this one will probably be an easy one for some people.  Although it could be tricky for others.

Take a guess and then read on to see if you’re right.

If you’ve ever seen photos from the hard galleries, this will probably be familiar to you.  Oftentimes when men opt for heavy genital modifications, nullification and penectomies being the main ones, urinating becomes a problem.  With this modification, the urethral reroute, they can continue work on their genitals and not have urination problems.


I picked this image in particular simply because it’s a great example of a clean, healed, reroute.

10 thoughts on “Guess What?

  1. I thought I had a pretty good grasp on what a nullification entailed, but I still don’t understand quite how this works. Is that a tube inserted in the urethra?

  2. it comes with a higher risk of infection due to the proximity of the opening to the bladder, but still, not as short as in the female system.

    source, Nurse.

  3. urine is sterile (unless you have a bladder infection) and not a problem as long as the area is kept clean. The tube is used to keep a deep piercing that goes in like a PA would just way down on shaft. hard part is healing and keeping open. Re-route are nice to have if you are doing a penectomy or something similar as you don’t have to worry about how to pee during healing. Re route can be anywhere from the base of the dick clear to the back of the scrotum, remember the penis (and urethra) go a long way into the body.

  4. I have personally had a penectomy, but mine happened from a fall & 12 days of priapism that followed, due to a stupid doctor, who took me for granted, the only thin he did was stuff my dick full of huge needles to drain the blood, but it did not work, gangreen set in & the next doctor had to perform emergency surgery on me, after 5 surgeries to remove all the gangreen, he lastly did a eurethera reroute behind my testicles, yes i still have my balls, i still make them shrink up tight occasionally, makin them still cum, i have a very small partial stump & remaining foreskin = ormanent penis with feeling, also having a reroute i now have a mangina, that loves smaller sex toys, such as a Wevibe, or skinn

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