The Blood is Life

There’s been a serious lack of blood on ModBlog in the past weeks, so with the help of Nixiie, we’re going to correct that today.

Nixiie lists Matteo Wanderlust as the artist, however I don’t know if that means he’s the piercer or the photographer (or both).  These are just two of the many photos she sent into the the hard play piercing gallery, so if you want to see the rest of them, head on over.

Nixiie is also wearing a BME belt buckle which she got from the BMEShop (that particular one is currently sold out).

13 thoughts on “The Blood is Life

  1. Matteo is actually both the piercer and the photographer for these images (piercer by trade photographer out of necessity) He’s a friend of mine and works out of Don’t Tell Mama, a new shop in Halifax NS.

  2. I can find the right words but I love this pic ….. the blood makes it that much more intense. Very hot!!

  3. “I’m totally gonna make Modblog with this.”

    This reeks of attention-seeking and not the pure fragrance of “do for the love of it”.

  4. Actually Jon P, it was for a photography project conveying the opposite of a prom dress… So yes, it is intentionally gory and the images are supposed to be shocking and attention grabbing. Doesn’t mean i don’t LOVE being pierced….. That was unnecessarily rude.

  5. Well, let that be a lesson in providing all information up front. Woulda been cool to know the context in which the photos were taken. Now they don’t seem trendywhorish in the least. Rather artsy in fact.

  6. It didn’t even look “trendywhorish” in the first place. I don’t understand why you always have to be such a fucking debbie downer douchemoose, Jon P.

  7. On my IAM page the profile image is one from this set and it explains the project. I did not caption every single image as there were about 20 of them. I didn’t really expect it to be an issue…

  8. I’ll put that 2 cents away in the bank, Kat. Pretty soon I should have a dollar from you. I wonder what the interest is on a dollar…

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