20 thoughts on “She’s a Dutty BMEGirl

  1. Siempre me ha parecido que el septum piercing le da un plus a las chicas que de por si son guapa.

  2. It’s a free country, but then someone else has to breath that shit in. Fucking pollution.

  3. Lol at everyone disapproving of smoking on a website in which people cut off limbs and hang from big steel hooks.

  4. @ #7 – Yep, it’s a free goddamn country and she can smoke if she wants, just like we can think it’s gross if we want, for the very same reason! Freedom doesn’t only work one way, darlin’.

    Back to THE POINT of modblog…great piercings :)

  5. Everyones still that hung up on the whole “smokings bad for you” thing hey? Meh, shes a babe. Go get em’ tiger!

  6. More of the point is that smoking is bad for OTHER people. No one gives a [email protected]#$ if you want to destroy yourself but the fact that it hurts the health of everyone else is what is so disgusting and vile about it. Pretty girl, nice piercings (especially the nips). But no smoker is particularly intelligent.

  7. so then no one should drive a car either – that does a hell of a lot more damage than smoking

    and calling smokers unintelligent is really offensive

  8. approve of some lifestyle choices, disapprove of others. and then let it distract from a beautiful girl with some great looking piercings. come on guys.

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