Dear Santa…

I’ve been pretty good this year.  Much more so than last year when I ended up with a lump of coal in my stocking.  So for working really hard at being nice, can you please leave Madison under my tree.  I’ve attached a couple of pictures to this letter so you’ll know exactly which Madison it is.

The other picture might land her on the naughty list, so I hid it behind the clickthrough.

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Stairway to Heaven

I don’t know how she does it, but every new picture that Madison sends in makes her that much hotter.  Granted it could be that this week the reason is that it is the first time I’ve had to hide the full image behind a clickthrough.  What I don’t understand is why you’re still reading this when you should just go and hit the read more button this instant!

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She’d sigh like Twig the Wonder kid and turn her face away

When I first read the description for this first photo I was confused.  For some reason I read “sub-clavical piercings” but I couldn’t see them.  Then I re-read it and realized what it was that caught my attention in the first place, her 3D implants.  For some people the look of collar bones can be big turn on, and in Ratcaver’s case, she now has two sets.  Her own, as well as her implants.  They’re a little tricky to see in the first photo, but are very well defined in the second one.   I’ve also included a third photo after the break that she sent in from before she had the implants done. Obviously Ratcaver is a Bowie fan, as she’s recreated the cover for Aladdin Sane in this first photo.  You can also see some of her other piercings.  All of them and the implants, with the exception of her lobes were done  by Jeffery from Paradigm Bodyart in Arnhem, The Netherlands.

The second photo is a self portrait that evokes the image of Bond Girl Shirley Eaton from Goldfinger.  With the change in lighting you can see the implants much more clearly.

There’s one more image taken before the implants were inserted, but you’ll have to keep reading to check it out.

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The Venus de ModBlog

Well it looks like the beautiful Sarah B. has been busy yet again.  This time, with the help of photographer Ray Del Mar, the two of them have re-imagined a couple of pieces of art into something fresh.

Is that statue in the way?  Don’t worry, keep reading and you can see the original photo, without that pesky statue.

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The Dreaded BMEGirl

Does there really need to be a reason to make a BMEGirl post?  I didn’t think so.  This photo of the lovely Nix was sent in by Yourladyfriend.  It has pretty much everything you could want in a BMEGirl, glasses, dreads, and pierced nipples.  Oh, what’s that?  You can’t see the nipple piercings?  You better keep reading then to see the full photo.

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