Superman vs. The Plague Doctors

I think there’s an unwritten rule that all suspension practitioners love Halloween.  Of all the holidays celebrated by suspension groups, Halloween seems to get the most attention, at least in terms of photos submitted.  Take this photo from the Abyss Family’s Halloween show as an example.  Bloodletting was a treatment for the plague right?

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3 thoughts on “Superman vs. The Plague Doctors

  1. Please stop posting pictures of suspensions that seem poorly done, or at the very least point out the issues present…

  2. I’m confused, Critic. Aside from this suspension, a majority of the suspensions I’ve noticed posted here lately, seem to be from Sinner Team. I’m under the impression they are very talented and professional about what they do. This personally, I don’t know whether or not something is wrong here. I haven’t suspended, yet; so I’m not sure what to look for.

  3. The sinner team does seem to be on top of their game at this point, likely due to the negative reaction they had by many initially. They stepped up and learned what they needed to and invested in appropriate gear.
    Above, while it may seem a small issue, the cord is tied with the terminal ends to the shackle resulting in the cord bearing 100% of the force at a single location, due to the strong angle and the small size of the eyeloop the strength of that cord is likely cut in half(at least). Add to that that the cord looks like light duty clothesline (I may be mistaken, but judging by the questionable quality of the rig in the first place, I’m guessing most supplies came from a hardware store). The knots which should have stopper knots even when rigged properly do not. Each set of hooks is independently rigged, which is fine in some cases, but you can see from the photos that in this situation the person’s body weight is not evenly supported. Had the rigging been done better the tension on the lines would have been able to be adjusted resulting in a safer and more comfortable experience.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against home built equipment (providing it’s built properly). And I know that everybody has to start somewhere, but at one point I thought of modblog as a place to go to see examples of the best work, with well articulated explanations about what is and isn’t safe about certain practices. Maybe I’m mistaken, but it seems that mod blog has/is going the way of IAM. Rather than a place where people who know what they are doing can help newcomers get a comprehensive understanding, it’s a place where one newcomer with half a clue tells another newcomer with slightly more or less of a clue how great a job they did.
    Maybe I’m just becoming an old crank.

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