Holy $#!t!!

I just got a message from Stanislav about 5 minutes ago regarding this.  The pictures and videos will be uploaded to The Sinner Team’s gallery soon, but in the mean time, make sure you’re sitting down.

I’ll try to get more details for you, but for now all you need to know is that it was a 150ft free-fall into what looks like an abandoned cooling tower from a nuclear plant.  Definitely keep an eye on The Sinner Team’s gallery.

UPDATE:  According to Stanislav this took place at an abandoned cooler outside of St. Petersburg.  The 6 man crew took the train up there, and camped out on the site for 4 days setting it up and testing it multiple times before the actual suspension took place.

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26 thoughts on “Holy $#!t!!

  1. this seems unnecessarily dangerous to me. I’m wondering how risky their jumps are going to get before someone dies.

  2. We are all gonna die some day Meow… I would rather go out doing something epic like this than laying in a hospital bed with a tube down my throat.

  3. Suspension has never been viewed as an extreme sport. They are just combining the two. Suspension comes off as a dangerous activity, but when done properly it is safe. They are just combining it with an extremely risky sport. So yes, it is very dangerous but apparently they are going about it in the safest way possible. Props to them for pushing the limits in as safe a manner possible to the subject.

  4. I realize, and I was referring to the jumping rather than the suspension. The suspension part of it doesn’t concern me as he has a harness. The jump itself in this is exceedingly risky.

    and @SolidOak, you can do whatever you want, but I hope that people who care about you understand if you go out doing something like this.

    It just seems like they keep upping their risk, and that is the part that worries me. But obviously it’s completely their choice – I’m just wondering when we’re going to get that post about how we’ve tragically lost another member of our community.

  5. im absolutely in awe of stanislav…the GOD of free fall suspension……/me bows……

  6. Sinner Team never ceases to amaze me. I’m right there with SolidOak. I’d love to learn from this crew. They seem very talented, and very ballsy.

  7. @Dom: Stanislav told me what he’s planning on doing next. You’re going to need a new pair of pants if he manages to pull it off.

  8. it is amazing what the body can handle! also props to them for doing what they love and going big with it!

  9. it is amazing what the body can handle! also props to them for doing what they love and going big with it!!!

  10. okay. so i’m still confused as to how this works. when they fall and hit the end of the rope, do the hooks take the entire weight and the harness is merely there as a back-up in case the flesh breaks?

  11. Thank you, guys! This jump was the main event for us this year – we used almost all of our equipment performing it.

    Working with the compensation of backthrough after such free fall we used about 250 meters of dynamic alpine ropes, they all were stretching in the moment when the loads grew up so the jump was very soft and thehe are no even a small tears on the skin.

    This jump can seem big and unreal, but it was the 12-th free fall suspension we performed and we made a lot of usual jumps with the ropes inside this cooler before performing there what you had seen on this video. When you jump there for a lot of time without hooks and watch others jumping – it becomes not such unrealistic to repeat it with hooks. We were absolutely sure in what we were doing, it was the final of 6 months of preparations and buying a great number of equipment, of planning and counting everything.

    It could be very dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing, but it was not surprise for us – in totall we spent 4 days in this location, in the moment of jump all the crew was sure in everything, each of us was on his place and had done his work, so this is the result.

    The most extreme part of what we are doing is not the hooks, the most risky moments are the testing jumps with the rope, when we look at our systems working the first time. After first testings we always spent a lot of time just jumping with the ropes – only after it we can be relaxed and dont worry working with free fall suspensions. I always tell everyone about it – you need a good expirience in rope-jumping before trying this.

    If you are sure in your professionalism doing rope-jumps, this suspension does not seem to be so big and dangerous :)

    And yes, all the load during all the jump is holded by 4 gilson hooks. the harness will work only in case of tearing of all 4 hooks (or if they all will brake). While all this free fall i was suspended only by hooks. And the most surprise was that becaurse of the bigger scale (and due to this – a longer ropes that were stretched) this jump was softer and less painfull then a jump from the bridre. By this time it was my most painless suspension :)

  12. Стас, вы чокнутые!!! В самом наипозитивном смысле слова! Когда я смотрел, у меня дыхание перехватило, В момент прыжка реально было не вздохнуть! Я в шоке! В шоке!!!
    PS: приятно видеть знакомые ица на видео)))) Пойду в выходные мучать Китти по поводу этого прыжка. Интересны комментарии от неё)

    Crazy!!! Oh my!!! Yeah! I… I haven’t any words to describe what I have felt when Stas jumped! This video took my breath! Man, I’m shocked!!! Crazy team! Stas, thank you and all your team!

  13. agree with meow in that point.
    if to speak about free fall and so on, i think it’s better not to combine suspension ritual and rope jumping.
    as you guys had seen at mod blog a half years ago, my team did zipline suspension over the curly river.
    i was on hooks, and i can say – there was absolutely NO satisfaction of suspension. only that of “extreme sport” act. you just concentrate on the flight, not on hooks in your skin.

    so free fall suspension just loses meaning of suspension in general.

    but also i can emphasize the point stas said – the most risky procedure in freefall is rope jumping.
    there are fuckin much more chances that stas (or any of his crew) will die not when performing freefall suspension, but when testing ropes before that jumping without hooks.
    there are a very few ropejumpers elder than 25y.o., this is the statistic fact. and this is not becouse they try to jump with hooks ; )

    So my bottom line is that i don’t support the idea of freefall at all, but at least stas tries to do what he does in a safe way and it is good. hope, all the rest russian teams will follow this tend and will be pretty much more concerned about safety, and not be rockstars.

    if to jump, then it’s better a basejump for me :P
    good camera work, as usual. wish #Leeds A. having no worse camera man :)))

  14. Can somebody please explain the exact reasons why the hooks don’t tear right out of the flesh when performing these jumps? I’m legitimately like.. I don’t understand how that is possible. I really want to know.

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