Holy $#!t!!

I just got a message from Stanislav about 5 minutes ago regarding this.  The pictures and videos will be uploaded to The Sinner Team’s gallery soon, but in the mean time, make sure you’re sitting down.

I’ll try to get more details for you, but for now all you need to know is that it was a 150ft free-fall into what looks like an abandoned cooling tower from a nuclear plant.  Definitely keep an eye on The Sinner Team’s gallery.

UPDATE:  According to Stanislav this took place at an abandoned cooler outside of St. Petersburg.  The 6 man crew took the train up there, and camped out on the site for 4 days setting it up and testing it multiple times before the actual suspension took place.

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Get In Or Get Out

So, here is another fine example of your editor being woefully unaware about all the fun Internet memes: we were overcome with great joy upon seeing this tattoo, given our inexplicable love for unnatural animal hybrids and things that should not be in general. What we did not realize, however, is that Raptor Jesus has been around for some time, and we are quite lame and out of touch. On the upside? It is still so, so awesome. Kudos to Sean for honoring His merciful talons, and to Jak at Body Piercing Unlimited And Tattoo for such a faithful rendering.

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The Fish is a Fish

And just like that, David Pozo of Forevermore Tattoo Parlour in Glasgow, Scotland, wins the afternoon! “After the Buttergina’s appearance on ModBlog,” he says, “people seemed to dig the rib piece (seen above), so put it up as well!” We don’t make a habit of humoring threats like this, but we’ll make an exception in this case on account of the unfettered joy a weaponized Sailor Jerry shark gives us. Also, it’s good to know we have someone on whom to rely in the event that Party Shark gets out of hand.

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A Million Uppercuts

Despite the fact that “A Milli” makes me want to jam tuning forks into my eardrums, Lil Wayne is the best. I don’t know how he manages to maintain the incredible mainstream popularity he has while being such a goddamn weirdo at the same time, but the world is a better place for it. Anyway, this tattoo has everything you could want in a celebrity portrait. Appropriate alterations to fit the body? Check. Hilarious photo choice? Check. Exquisite grill detail? Oh god yes. Also, this is neat, because I’m pretty sure that was the first time the phrase “exquisite grill detail” has been used, at all, ever.

(Tattoo by Ryan Hadley in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.)